#2, Please, No Onion

I recently visited a brand new McDonald’s for their grand opening. If I hadn’t pulled up and seen the famous golden arches with my own eyes, I would have thought I’d pulled up to a supertrendy coffee shop or bistro. The ambiance and decor was everything I love in my interiors: clean, modern, bright and comfortable. I am not a fan of their food[their blended coffees, apple pies and parfaits do tickle my fancy ever so randomly], but I was very impressed. Mickey D’s has come a loooong way from their ketchup and mustard-colored booths and tabletops, so I understand why this designer was hired to revamp the staff’s appearance and I hope the U.S. will adopt this new look. I love the new uniforms; they complete the remodeling package.


P.S. I agree that McDonald’s is pretty much an American evil when it comes to nutritional value, but they’re trying.

7 thoughts on “#2, Please, No Onion

  1. Aw this post is so old that when I clicked on the link, it went straight to the homepage. I guess I can only imagine what those new uniforms looked like now. *kicks rocks in sadness* lol No but seriously, you are so right with them being an American evil with nutrition. I don’t think I’d eat anything from there now unless I was desperate then I may have their oatmeal or apple pie to hold me over in a crisis.

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    1. lmao you are killing me!

      This is pretty old.. back when I had like one active follower LOL. I had to read through it myself cuz I’d completely forgotten about this post. I can’t believe how much crap I used to eat as a youngster! But then again, I’m sure their formulas weren’t as poisonous as they are now. Desperation/starving mode only!

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      1. Hahaha …. I love digging in the crates randomly on blogs because it’s fun to see the evolution of the person’s writing and the topics. And it’s just fun for me to surprise my fellow bloggers. lol

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          1. Oh I know all about the quiet and weird phase of blogging. Luckily, for my current site, it didn’t last too long but with my other blogs, sometimes it lasted pretty much the entire time I had it up. lol I promptly ended those.

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          2. Yeah kinda. Blogging started as a hobby years ago and then I started to realize the business potential with blogging so I started trying different ideas I had and I always started with one blog and then ended up with three cause I felt limited with the one. Now, with the site that I have now, I am not really limited and I have a consistent schedule (unlike before) so this should work much better than my previous ones.

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