Hi, Low! How are you?

High-low hemlines have been trending for a couple of seasons. I’m not sure if they will have staying power in the ever-changing world of high fashion, but they are definitely fun, youthful, and fit for every body type in relaxed, flowy fabrics. I particularly love the sleeveless high-low dress for summer because it’s not a typical short frock but not a “full coverage” maxi dress either. They make great day wear for a wedding, lunch date, roadtrip or shopping spree, with espadrilles, gladiators, or simple flat sandals. But if you like them, I’d suggest getting a couple at a reasonable price now, while they’re still in style and still sold in stores.

Do you like the high-low hem? Do you think it has lasting power to stick around another fashion season or two? Or will it become a classic like the blazer, white tee or pencil skirt?

Hi, Low! How are you?

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