A Kodak Moment Every Moment

Looking your best doesn’t always mean having to spend a fortune on at the salon, an entirely new wardrobe, more make-up or plastic surgery. I’d like to share some real solutions [some that I actually implement] to quickly and inexpensively look your best this summer for the impromptu beach photo shoot or the inevitable family reunion group picture. [Keep in mind these are just super easy, fast fixes to make your physical appearance reflect your awesome personality.

First step is self-confidence. This can’t be taught or given to you, so if you don’t have it, none of my tips will work for you 😦

If your wardrobe sucks, I suggest a revamp. Cure it with some retail therapy. I believe that you should LOVE, highly favor or really like every article of clothing in your closet. This way, you have many great options instead of a few lame ones and your only dilemma will be how to wear your hair. Accessories also go a loooong way and can really make a statement and customize a look.

Next, work on that mug. If you don’t like your smile, whitening strips are the way to go and some claim to brighten in just two hours. If you have time, there’s a less expensive option that takes just a week to brighten your smile. A blinding, pearly smile is contagious and is the perfect custom accessory that will definitely shine in person and in photographs.

If you’re like me, you think one side of your face looks a little better than the other. If you don’t know, ask a good friend. Work on positioning that  best side as you would in front of the camera, and you’ll learn the other great angles of your face ad head. There are certain angles that make your chin double or make your neck look thick. Not cute.

Lastly, good posture works wonders on and off camera, standing or sitting. It instantly lengthens you and exudes confidence and poise, and it’s good for your entire body. So comfortably stick out your chest, pull your shoulders back and keep your chin up. And if you like to wear heels but they don’t like you, practice walking in them before attending your event to make sure they’ll go the distance. [The uncomfortable-I-can’t-walk-in-these-heels-and-my-dogs-are-barking look is never good. Ever.]

If you aren’t a celebrity or a model with training, you probably don’t know the art of posing. And it really is kind of an art. No one looks good standing straight on with their legs fully extended, so make sure one leg has a little bend, there’s a foot forward, a head tilt, a hand on the hip or some kind of uneven distribution of weight. It sounds weird but it looks good in a picture, trust. If you’re really unsure, check out a fashion magazine or website to see how the professionals do it.

With these few things combined, you can easily improve your appearance for next to nothing in cost or time. And you better believe you’re worth the investment. Life’s a red carpet, so work it!

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