Day to Play, In My White Tee

Happy Monday, all! Today I’d like to pay homage to another trendy classic: the white tee. They’ve supposedly been around since the turn of the 19th century [] and. as we all know, many trends come and disappear as quick as they came in the fashion world. But white tees, and tees in general, have had tremendous staying power amongst kids, women and men throughout the decades.
Like the chic black tank or great-fitting jeans, the white tee is a versatile staple for anyone’s closet.

three ways to look cool in your white tee:

1. work look = white tee + navy blazer + khaki trousers + green peep toes + chunky gold accessories

2. super casual ensemble = white tee + destroyed denim cutoffs + fedora + gladiator sandals + tote + a pop of color

3. party/date get-up = white tee + a-line or pleated skirt, tucked and belted + cheetah print pumps + dramatic bag, make-up and accessories

Day to Play In My White Tee

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