Wednesday = DIY Mani + Pedi Day

If you’re like me, you’re kinda frugal and really don’t like to have to pay people to do something you can do well yourself. Now every once and a while, I do treat myself to both a manicure and a pedicure, but that could get costly. So instead of dishing out my money to a professional once a month for a pedicure and 2-4x a month for a manicure[which could add up to around $60-80 a month], I learned the simple techniques to do both on my own in the comfort of my home. That also means no waiting or strong chemical scents. Furthermore , I can try out a number of colors and designs [for free..if you already have a nice collection of polish and an artsy side] and remove it right there if I don’t like it. Sounds like a smart bargain to me. [Savvy Lizzy’s manicure tutorial] [Sister Copey’s pedicure tutorial]

[Keep in mind that these are for natural nails, not acrylics or any kind of extensions]


[festive Olympic nails featured on]

Your digits are the one accessory that you’re born with and can truly customize to your personality, occasion or mood.

So have fun with them and save your money!!

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