Naturally Inspired: Wooden Jewelry

What I love about wooden jewelry is that it’s always in style and it pairs well  with an array of textures and ensembles. It brings that “Eco-chic” look, which can be very modern with a touch of masculinity.


I love these two-finger rings because they bring a twist to the usual rings in this style. Good Wood has some super unique, dare I say sexy, wooden pieces like them on their site

ViaNativa also has some beautiful pieces like this bracelet, much of it made from reclaimed Nicaraguan wood.


Garnish Home has a little Etsy shop with beautiful, sustainable pieces.


Anthony Roussel have a great eye for making such a hard texture into something smooth and feminine. And an all-wood rind like this will last forever.

What more can you ask for than to look on trend, conscious and unique, all the while supporting local and small businesses, with a little touch of homegrown wood garnish?

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