Bloglovin, Two Months In

I didn’t think it was possible but I have bloggers block. With gray suede being mostly a fashion blog, there’s an endless amount of topics to discuss  and avenues to take, but this last week, I was completely uninspired. I would start typing and creating a collage and just couldn’t reach completion. My right brain just shut down. But besides this short hiatus/block thing after two months of starting up, I love blogging. I love to share my points of view with the world, I love to inspire and be inspired. I love that people from everywhere in the world can see what I have to say and share their points of view too. It’s an awesome domain to share my thoughts and ideas that would otherwise pile up in my head. I love that there are, essentially, no or not many rules when blogging. So, with that being said, thanks. Thanks for watching and reading. Gray suede will be back in its normal groove soon. Have a great week!

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