Denim Alternative: Khakis

I don’t know where you live, but where I am, the summer is still in full effect with triple digit temperatures. So if I’m in the mood for denim, it’s in the form of a skirt or shorts. But if a day calls for pants, such as a movie date or dinner where I know the ac will be on full blast, I break out the khakis. Like denim, they can be very neutral and pair with an array of tops, shoes and accessories. But they’re very light and breathable.

Khakis can be dressed up or down.


They come in a variety of cuts. AND not just in your typical beige color either.

And they transcend the seasons just like denim. So dress them up with a crease, chunky jewelry and some pumps or down with sandals, a denim vest and a tank for the rest of this hot season.

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