City Tour Daycation

As we slowly approach the unofficial last weekend of summer, keep in mind that there’s a little time left for a mini-vaca. I suggest gathering your beau and/or a couple friends for a city tour daycation. I define a daycation as a vacation that only lasts a day or so that doesn’t take you far from your home base. It’s a great way to do what tourists do in your town and catch up on its history, if that’s your thing. Taking a city tour may involve sitting on an open double-decker bus rooftop and walking through parks and museums, so wear some comfy flats or sandals with light, breathable clothing. An easy breezy hair hair style and a barely beaten face will help you beat the heat and stay comfortable throughout the day. A pair or full-coverage sunshades and a large tote for water, brochures and any souvenirs you find along the way complete your essentials needed for an enjoyable daycation. And don’t forget your camera!

[park n ride]

city essentials

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