The Best Accessory: Your 10 Digits

I think hands tell a lot about a person: age, style, hygiene [or lack of], personality. Like any make-up or clothing, hairstyle, perfume or accessories, your nails and how you upkeep them is a reflection of you.

so fresh & so clean

French tips are a classic go-to that any woman can rock at any age. I prefer natural white tips but acrylics that look natural can also work. They are a feminine, clean standard for the workplace or everyday. Adding a design or sparkle to a French tip brings a touch of glam for a special event. I used to do my own but I find that salons do a much better job and it tends to last longer.

red-y for the world

Red is also a classic. It’s effortlessly sexy, powerful and ultra-feminine. It should be in every woman’s lacquer stash.

think jordan almonds..

I love pastel polishes too. They’re sweet and soft and work with all skin tones. Pair them with some chunky metallic rings and you’ve got instant glam.

go bananas

And I adore unique designs and print techniques on well-groomed talons. They make a statement and are a great conversation piece. They may be a stark contrast to your ensemble, but I think that makes them stand out even more. So I encourage you to buy and try new colors and designs. What I love about a great manicure is that, even if you’re wearing the same color or idea as the next lady, it looks different on each individual.

say somethin

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