[Fall] Denim Alternative: Tweed!

At last, temperatures are finally cooling down and autumn is just a couple days away. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for cuddle and bundling weather. Fall allows you to mix your cold weather pieces with transitional spring and summer items that are perfect for layering.

Tweed is a great alternative to denim because it is borderline fancy. You usually can’t get away with jeans in the office [even on Casual Friday], but tweed is always acceptable. Plus, tweed has that unique, warm, heathery look that says chic and classy. Denim is awesome and versatile, but tweed, especially in pants, skirts and shorts, definitely brings an ensemble up a few points.

Tweed is one of those fabrics that defines fall. It not only keeps you cozy with its heavy yet soft, woolen feel but also has that warm appearance. It’s perfect for coats and vests, but shorts, dresses and pants made of tweed get the green light too.  Tweed comes back every cold season, so you don’t have to worry about wasting money on a quick trend that won’t be back next season.

With  tweed’s durable and moisture-resistant characteristics, it works wonders as the outer layer for shoes, too. In a pump, flat, or high-top sneaker, tweed makes a statement that clearly says fall has arrived.

Worn correctly, tweed easily takes a casual look up a notch. It’s one of those fabrics that looks and feels expensive, but is practical for the masses. Tweed is perfect for the professional work environment, too, with its tailored look and beautiful hang. Paired with a scarf and tights, you’ll be warm and comfortable despite the weather.

As I’ve mentioned, I love to layer and combine multiple textures in one look. Suede, chiffon and leather are tweed’s best friends. They have the ability to blend without looking too stiff and heavy. Tweed balances perfectly with a soft, feminine detail like lace or a scalloped trim.

So satisfy your need for tweed this fall if you haven’t already!

need for tweed

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