Fall in Love: Textured Talons

As you may know [if you know me in real life of follow my blog], I’m a nail/nail lacquer freak. I love clean, neat, creative, manicured nails. They can be great conversation pieces, extensions of your personality and accessories to your outfits. Textured nails are trending for fall but they can work in any season, unless you’re planning on trying it on your pedicure too, which, in that case, you’d wanna show them off and not ruin them with socks or enclosed shoes. This lovely Humpday, I’m featuring some of my favorite fresh looks for nails:

micro beads

I love the micro bead trend because it’s feminine and hard at the same time, which makes them sexy. They’re a less “beady” version of caviar nails.

red caviar

rainbow caviar

Caviar isn’t actual caviar [that’d be disgusting] but they’re tiny tiny beads that resemble caviar. They’re super fun and speak [loudly] for themselves. Many brands now sell complete kits to create this look or you can buy beads and a small funnel at a craft store. Here’s a quick DIY tutorial: http://youtu.be/klVSSoB90ZE

satin stripes

Just like ribbon on a pretty box, this design makes a beautiful presentation. It’s simple to do with a matte base color and shiny polish for the stripes, or criss-cross, polka dots or whatever design speaks to you.



black stealth

Matte is also a super cool look for your tips. I think it’s so classy, even in lime green and neon pink. They look so smooth and soft.

green velvet
black lace
pink crush

Fabric-coated fingernails are also taking center-stage lately. I’m not a huge fan of the velvet for everyday, although it could be great for a photo shoot. But I love the lace. It can be created with a stencil or small cuts of actual lace.

burn rubber

The rubber finish will make it look like you have go-go gadget nails. Love it!


The crackled look is still in, and more and more brands are carrying a version of this finish. And glitter is always hot. Like I’ve mentioned, I love the look of metallic with pastels, especially textured metallic. And it works wonders in a variety of colors and can be very festive for the holidays.


So, ladies, there is no excuse not to try one of these trends. Invite a steady-handed friend help you apply a funky fresh finish if you don’t trust yourself, or have a professional manicurist hook you up. Happy polishing!