Rep Yo Hoodie

I used to sport every color, style-cropped, screen-printed, short or long-sleeved hoodie ever made. That was back in high school and all through college, and now I’m feeling a little resurgence of my hooded jacket cravings. But my taste has changed. Now I fancy a hoodie with style, an air of sophistication if you will. Something I can rock with pumps and red lipstick and no one will give me the side eye. A topper piece that will enhance my appearance instead of making me look frumpy, workout ready or sleepover bound. With those requests, the chic hoodie answers.

It’s not just the styling and backdrop that make this photo chic. This hoodie delivers in a perfect 50% heather gray with an over-sized hood and unique, buttoned crossover neckline. It’s the meeting place of cozy and elegant.

This is the only zip up that makes the list. I could do without the drawstring too. Its military style and contrasting hood definitely do not describe your average hoodie. I can see this style in an array of colors, and with some skinny jeans and boots, you’ll look super stylish and keep warm.

Even in the traditional sweatshirt material, the asymmetry and neckline of this hoodie really modernize the piece. It’s very versatile and both sexes can rock it with the right teammates and accessories.

I know you can’t look at this without loving it. All that gorgeous thick hair under a hood or against your back in a jacket might create a great thermal effect but way too much bulk. I’ll probably never have beautiful flowing locs like this but if ever I do, I’m buying this hoodie!

Just a double breasted jacket with bell cuff sleeves that happens to have a hood and high collar for extra toastiness. I’ll take it!

Who can resist a dolman cut hoodie? It drapes beautifully, pairs well with a plethora of other chic pieces, transcends the seasons [in a jersey fabric], and, best of all, works on all body types.

Another dolman cut hoodie because one just wasn’t enough. This one has a great pouch pocket with over-sized buttons and a gorgeous cowl neck. Instant chic, even with flannel and denim.

It’s all bout the fabric, shape and styling. With this handy list, there’s no excuse to not look like while rockin a hoodie. And you won’t be sacrificing taste or warmth! Avoid the cold whips of wind and raindrops falling on your head with a built-in umbrella. It’s a classic style that will never die, so don’t be afraid to invest. <<< another great collection of chic hoodies with shoppable links

Happy shopping!

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