She’s Got Layers..Like an Onion

Finnnnnnnnnnnnaallllllllyyyy the season is changing and it’s getting a bit nippy in my neck of the woods-well, desert-so that means layering to keep warm, but not hot, is in order. The key is to team up garments that can be taken off when you’re inside or a little toasty, and add them when the opposite happens. I did a little shopping this past weekend and found a few awesome deals on layering pieces:

Tees + Tanks

Target, my favorite store, never disappoints when it comes to basic pieces. They almost always have great, quality tank tops and t-shirts in store, and if they ever don’t, they can be found even cheaper on their website: And they’re inexpensive enough to stock up in every color.

American Apparel is also known for their consistent collection of basics. are a bit more pricey, but they’re made in America! Always a plus!

Button-ups and Sweaters

JCPenney has some fantastic layering sweaters for fall too. I was pleasantly surprised by the styles and the prices put a smile on my face. The thinner fabrics and looser weaves make them perfect for wearing something over and underneath.

Another favorite is the button up denim shirt. It’s super versatile and comfortable and, duh, an ideal layering piece. It’s a classic that I’m seeing everywhere at a great price. In denim, it’s a hip alternative to the basic woven blouse and transcends the seasons.


You can find scarves anywhere, but World Market is one of my favorite, unexpected places to find unique, beautiful scarves at great prices. make wonderful toppers[and holiday gifts] and can be worn like a big chunky necklace, really bringing a look together and making a statement.

I’m not quite ready for beanies, gloves, legwarmers or earmuffs yet, but give me a few weeks.

Layered, Like an Onion

2 thoughts on “She’s Got Layers..Like an Onion

    1. Yes! Layering is a must in climates like southern California where you may be freezing when you leave in the morning and toasty at lunchtime and cold again at the end of the day.


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