All Wrapped Up, Holiday Sweater Style

During this last week of November, I’ve been suggesting ways to show your holiday spirit this season. You can be chic with sparkle or sophisticated in your toned down greens and reds, but the holiday sweater is in a class of its own. But, unlike the other trends, you can’t take these styles beyond the season and it can be difficult to make them look pretty. But I don’t think looking pretty is the goal in donning a holiday-themed sweater.

They’re spirited and fun and corny and can definitely break the ice as conversation starters.

So whether you’re headed to a cabin in the mountains, an ugly sweater party or a family gathering, a holiday sweater is an easy go-to. They’re casual so they can be dressed up with a circle skirt and some riding boots or jeans with flats or even pumps!

I found a few cuties worth buying:

“Jackalope Sweater”

Shop: Sweater

“Lace Bow Inset Sweater”

Shop: Sweater

“Plaid Sweater”

Shop: Sweater


Shop: Sweater

“Christmas Cardigan”

Shop: Cardigan

“Christmas Jumper”

Shop: Christmas Jumper


“Christmas Boyfriend Cardigan”

Shop: Cardigan

I also found another great collection of festive sweaters here:

Happy shopping!!

All Wrapped Up, Sweater Style

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