Ho! Ho! Holiday Nails!

If you follow my blog, you’re awesome AND you know how much I love a pretty manicure. I’m not into Christmas as much as I used to be as a kid, but I do love the decorations, music, and festivities that come along with this season. And this is the only time of year you can get away with French tips that resemble candy canes-so why not take advantage??

Twinkle Twinkle

holinail holiday-nails-pinterest-makeup-612 holiday-nails-L

Sweet Holiday Treats

holinails holinails2

Deck The Halls

holiday nails holiday_nail_art_2012_5_thumb holinails3

Let It Snow

holiday-nail-art--large-msg-135440557127 holinails4holiday-nail-art--large-msg-135440556137

Silver Bells

sparkly-holiday-nails holiday-nail

So if you want to spread a little holiday cheer and/or make your tips the topic of conversation, try out one of these designs-or all of them! If you’ve got a little time, a lot of patience and your creative juices are flowing, here’s a simple holiday sweater nail art tutorial -amongst many on YouTube.Some are much more intricate and take a bit longer to create than others, but it’ll be so so cute and so worth it in the end!

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