Is That Velvet??

Velvet is one of the few modern/classic materials that make you look instantly super refined yet trendy. Originally associated with nobility, nonetheless. And velvet is perfect for the cold seasons with its thick pile and smooth feel- often dyed rich, warm colors. It works well on men and even better for women.

Unsure how and wear to rock it? Take heed:

47125_in_xl _5941510

The velvet skirt can go a long way. Wear it to the office or the office party. Pair it up with a crisp white blouse, leather jacket and chunky gold jewelry. The fabric contrasts will look amazing and sophisticated. It even works for date night; with some sky high pumps, you’ll kill it.


A velvet dress really makes a statement, especially in a bold tone. It can look beautiful and effortless just as easily as it can look gaudy or overwhelming, so make sure to stick to a more modern silhouette that fits well. And tone down the rest of your look with simple, neutral accessories.

1248751_fpx.tif Burgundy-Ombre-15-433x650

Velvet pants are a great denim or corduroy alternative, and just like its alternatives, they can be worn anywhere.

schoolboy-velvet-blazer-by-jcrew P00044917-VELVET-BLAZER--STANDARD jcrew-velvet-vest

Velvet blazers and vests are an easy way to dress up a casual look. They add dimension and class to an otherwise simple ensemble.


A velvet set can be a little much it it’s not done right, much like a velvet dress. But it can speak volumes if done right! That’s why I love this little set: it can be worn with some sexy hose and pumps for a night look or team up with studded smoking loafers for a polished day outfit. And the black keeps things simple as opposed to costume-y.

velvet_pumps 7B631390-C33C-488C-A292-03D608299D5B gojane_2245_697323713Even if you can’t get into the velvet clothing, velvet pumps can really pull a look together. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside. And they are just so grown up and sexy!

So get into the recurring velvet trend while it’s still nippy so when people ask you if that’s velvet, you can reply, “why, yes it is!”

Happy Monday, folks! Make it a great week!

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