Bringing Africa Home

If you’re like me with big dreams of traveling the Motherland but can’t yet afford it, try the much cheaper route of bringing Africa into your home. It’s easy to do with simple, chic accessories that make a statement without turning your space into a museum. Many of the fabrics used are bright and graphic and will add a fresh, youthful vibe to your home.  Here are a few of my favorite things [via etsy, of course]:

African Wax Print, Maracuja $30, etsy
African Wax Print, Maracuja $30
"Nile Lotus" Throw Pillow $30, etsy
“Nile Lotus” Throw Pillow $30, OSxN
"Africa Clock" $30, castlehomeware via etsy
“Africa Clock” $30, castlehomeware
3/3 "Moroccan Fine Art Photos" $75, Sarah Franklin via etsy
3/3 “Moroccan Fine Art Photos” $75, Sarah Franklin
"Technicolor Tub Chair" $894 Ray Clarke Upholstery
“Technicolor Tub Chair” $894 Ray Clarke Upholstery
"Antique Africa Elephant Stool" $189, EastWestClassic1980
“Antique Africa Elephant Stool” $189, EastWestClassic1980
"Tribal Design Pouf" $75, Maria Vargas Design
“Tribal Design Pouf” $75, Maria Vargas Design
"Danish Mid-Century Chair" $1320, chezboheme
“Danish Mid-Century Chair” $1320, chezboheme
Senufo Stool/Side Table " $400, africanhouse via etsy
Senufo Stool/Side Table ” $400, africanhouse via etsy

Although authentic pieces can be pricey, a single article of furniture can completely alter a room, so it will be worth the investment. Pillows and artwork can help pull it all together without the commitment. Stay tuned for the clothing and accessories version of Bringing Africa Home. In the meantime, happy shopping!!

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