Summer Lovin: Canvas Sneakers

It’s that time of year again, ladies: sunlight cookin your skin, you start hoarding water bottles everywhere and you’re in the gym a little longer to try and look your best when you get invited to that pool party. Yep, time to adjust our wardrobes and thermostats to match the rising temperatures. Whether it be shorter dresses, cutoff shorts, tanks or sunhats, a tweak on your summer garb defines the sneaks

 Payless, $14.99

Although summer is the most wonderful time of the year to wear sandals, they’re not the most practical for every occasion.

For those of us thrill seekers hitting up the theme parks, we know that walking a huge park all day in the sun can really take its toll. A lot of musicians take advantage of a warm climate by performing outdoors. Some of us beat the heat by traveling to somewhere with more tolerable temperatures. And we all can appreciate a staycation-hitting up our local museums, malls and

Target, $14.99

But when you’re doing all that moving and shaking for hours on end, the propper shoe can make a world of difference.

A canvas sneaker is the perfect sandal alternative. It provides comfort and full-coverage protection(a lovely combination.)original

Vans, $55

Canvas, or chambray, are porous fabrics, providing plenty of ventilation for your sweaty soles.forever

Forever21, $14.80

Overall, canvas sneakers are usually lightweight and can easily be tucked into a beach bag or traveling tote for a quick change. Rock em with your sundress, romper or shorts and crop top to complete your warm weather statement.

This sneaker works for men, women and children. (Luckily us ladies have the luxury of shopping men’s if the women’s styles don’t move us to purchase:) Lastly, canvas sneakers are sold eeeeeverywhere at price points for every budget in a large array of hues and styles to match every personality and ensemble.


Macy’s, $59.99

Happy shopping! And, summer, we’ll see you Friday!!

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