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I’ve had a bit of blogger’s block lately.. but a gray suede fan [who happens to be a man with a knack for writing] inspired me to post in a “wear this, not this” format. And I like that idea so I’m giving it a shot. To begin my “WTNT” series, I am exploring an offense that I’m extremely passionate about. You have all seen it: leggings being worn, in my opinion, incorrectly and inappropriately. This fashion faux pas is worn by any female who mistakingly takes leggings for pants, exposing her lady parts and trunk by wearing a shorter top that doesn’t cover her up. I cannot imagine a place where a look like this would be acceptable besides workout gear worn in a gym specially created for EXCERCISING. Or if you’re a pop star perfoming on stage. Or a professional dancer. Or doing some house cleaning..

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While it seems obvious to me and I’m sure to plenty of you, I understand that some people just. Don’t. Get. It. Heterosexual men probably loooove seeing it, especially on a lady with a shape they like. But to minds like mine, exposed genitals are classless, gross and unflattering. Leggings are just an “extension of an outfit.” Just because you shop for them online in the pants section does not make them pants! And it’s so easy to do it right, ladies. In three easy steps, you will be a pro at rocking leggings:

1. Buy and wear leggings that fit;

2. Buy and wear tunics that are your size and compliment your style {a tunic is a woman’s upper garment, either loose or close-fitting and extending over the skirt to the hips or below. A shirt dress can also be worn};

3. Wear tunics and leggings together to avoid exposing your precious undercarriage;

*Make sure your top is nice and long (maybe to mid-thigh) and opaque if your leggings are sheer.

YES! :-)
YEESSS! Thanks, jessydust 🙂

I know what you’re thinking : “it’s that simple??!?” And my answer is YES. Let it sink in.. I promise a tunic that you love along with leggings that fit and reflect your personal taste will make you look chic, confident and stylish. And, depending on how you accessorize, they can be taken from day to play. And they transcend the seasons. But if you’re not a tunic-type woman, wear shorts or a skirt or khakis with your shorter tops! Just make me proud, girls, and wear leggings correctly!

*and whhooooop woo for my 100th post!!*

leggings correct

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