Great Gifts for the Girly Girl

With thirteen days and twelve shopping days left, Christmas is right around the corner so the heat is on to get those last few gifts in time for the holiday!! I’ve complied a little list of inexpensive, tangible gifts for the girly girls on your Christmas list:




I know jewelry seems like a romantic gift sometimes, but if it’s fun and cute, small and cheap, it will not be taken as such. I promise. Just watch how much you spend! [no diamonds!!] Even if it’s for a coworker, a simple beaded bracelet or a pair of wooden studs are cute, thoughtful tokens that will brighten the girly girl’s holiday. FYI, has a ton of adorable pieces for every style.

hot chocolate.. or tea!

hot chocolate set

A gift set of hot chocolate, coffee or tea is an easy diy project. And they’re easy to snag every and anywhere this time of year. Most girly girls love at least one of the three, so satiate her hot liquid craving this holiday with a handmade or store-bought set. Godiva has an awesome [and, I’m sure, delicious] set of hot cocoa that I wouldn’t mind being gifted to me 🙂

a cool mug, or something like it

cool mug


If the girl on your list is into hot liquids, support her habit with a cool mug. I got one that was so me for my birthday last year and I love it! She can take it to work or put it to use at home, or both. If she’s not that into mugs and the stuff that goes in them, try a cool paperweight or bookend that can be used as a cute, decorative element in her cubicle or home office. [A shot glass, bottle opener or beer mug fits in this category too, depending on your girl.]




Everyone loves music. It’s a universal form of expression that unites us all. I only recommend this gift if you have an idea of what she likes. Who are her favorite artists? What’s the last concert she went to? You can use this info to create a mix cd or purchase music from an artist that you think she’d love. Or if you know she loves house, look for a Christmas album with a house twist. iTunes money works too.

nail polish



I know it sounds simple but most girly girls love nail polish! Trust. You can find a ton a sets online and in discount stores like Ross and TJMaxx. Or you can get creative and collect a handful of colors she likes, throw in a nail file, some acetone and an orange stick and boom! It’s a gift set.

a scarf



Girly girls loooooove scarves and just layering in general. If you’re unsure on which direction to take, just ask her favorite color or stick with a solid that looks wonderful on everyone, like gray or teal, black or white. A scarf is is winning double time by being stylish and keeping her warm.

a tree ornament



What’s this girly girl into? Starbucks? Stilettos? Pink? There are so many tree ornaments to make her feel like they were made just for her. And if she is really into Christmas, she’ll be elated to have a special something to add to her tree this year and years to come.

a gift card 



A gift card is the very last resort for a “gift.” Although they are very useful, they don’t any effort or thought, and the thought is what counts, right? But if you are at your absolute wits end trying to figure out what to get this girl who has everything or hates everything you’ve ever given her, a gift card is your saving grace. But you better at least know where she likes to shop if you’re going with a store card.

There is a plethora of of things you can buy for a girly girl, but I’d be careful with scented stuff [like candles, diffusers and body spray] unless you know for sure that she loves that exact smell. And don’t spend too much because you’ll make her feel guilty for spending only $20 on you. Be careful with regifting; us girly girls have a good eye for those kinds of gifts.


I hope this little list helps with your holiday shopping. People can really stress about finding the perfect gift, making it much more difficult than it has to be. Plus, shopping is supposed to be fun! So happy shopping and happy holidays!!

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