Shopping Small: Adé Vegan Hair

Trying to keep up with my resolution to buy small, buy American and buy black more often- and be just as conscious of what I put on my body as I am of what I put in it- I gave Adé Vegan Hair a shot.

husky hair butter

I’d heard about Adé a few months back from Alex Elle, a hair blogger and inspirational speaker and author with a beautifully awesome afro. But trying to cut back on my hair product addiction, I waited until I got low on my other cream moisturizer and oil before I bought theirs.

First off, I love the Adé website; it’s nice and neat and they do a few things well instead of trying to confuse you with a hundred different products with a million uses. Secondly, I love their packaging. The seemingly recycled paper labels tie right in with their natural approach. Plus they have small, 2oz bottles and jars so you are not forced to buy a ton of product for the first time that you might not like. A+ marketing!

adé vegan

I purchased Husky Hair Butter for my strands and Follicle Food for my scalp. I like the light mousse-y, whipped texture of the butter. It makes my hair super soft and manageable and hydrated. I recommend it for a tightly coiled head of hair like mine. The Adé custom scent smells like shea butter with vanilla ice cream mixed in. Yum! And the food is great blend of oils with purpose. The ingredients are broken down so you not only know what’s in the product, but why. Every item is vegan. And, with certain items, you can customize the scent. I love that!

All in all, I give Adé a solid A grade. Try it if you’re on the lookout for something new to smooth and hydrate your tresses. Or if you are just a product junkie looking for your next fix 😉


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