Denim Alternatives: Spring Edition

Spring has fiiiiinally arrived! It’s my absolute favorite time of year; flowers are in full bloom, grass turns back green and- my favorite- the temperatures rise. During winter, I feel like my wardrobe is a bit limited. If I’m being causal, which is 95%+ of the time, it pretty much consists of jeans and a sweater or jeans and a tee or blouse and a nice coat. And of course my boots. I know I can venture out and rock a skirt or a dress or shorts with tights, but tights wouldn’t last a day in my line  of work and, as you probably know, I haaate being cold.

But enough with the complaints.

Spring is here and a big reason why I enjoy it is because I can have more fun with my clothes. Casual or not, spring weather is perfect for mixing and matching and taking a little from summer and a few pieces from winter and getting the most out of my closet. And I rarely feel the need to wear jeans!

1. shorts


Shorts are an obvious denim alternative and the most popular alternative to long jeans. I love taking shorts and pairing them with a sweatshirt or an oversized tee with a boyfriend cardigan or duster.

2. leisure trousers


I’ve become a big fan of these in the last few years. Leisure trousers, or, simply, leisure pants, oftentimes have a drawstring or  elastic waist, loose and flowy through the leg and taper to the ankle. Drop crotch/harem pants also fall into this category. Like jeans, they provide full coverage but with a much much more relaxed feel. Leisure trousers will definitely put you in the mood for a spring break.

3. leggings


I do rock leggings every season [like, duh], but sometimes it’s a little too chilly in the winter because mine are pretty thin. In spring’s perfectly mild temperatures, though, they’re perfect. Pair them with some flats and a tunic to welcome the season.

4. onesies bka rompers aka playsuits aka jumpsuits


Many names but one undeniable feminine fashion piece, onesies are another one my favorites. They come in so many styles and take the guesswork of what bottom to match with what top. They’re just so fun and sweet and really define the season. Rompers can easily be dressed up or down for day or night. Top with a bomber jacket for a late night social gathering or complete your look with a cardigan and tights for work.

5. cropped pants


Finally you can show a little ankle without the windchill biting at your skin! Cropped pants are a classic look that anyone can sport. They’re sold everywhere and/or you can turn your everyday pants into crops for spring. I use the rule of thumb, using my thumb as a guide for how thick the cuff should be. It’s an easy technique and I think my pants[and jeans] always look best when using this cropping method.

There you have it, ladies and gents. My goal is to help guide those who are underinspired or at a loss for what they can wear instead of jeans[which can get boring really fast] or just need a push to add some variety to their wardrobes.

Happy shopping and happy spring!! xo



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