Spring Getaway ’14: Part Dos

Atlanta, my third home, is well known for its historic plentitude, delicious food and the greatest rap duo ever in the history of rap [Outkast-duh!], so it’s easy to find [or rediscover] all the cool things this southern gem has to offer.

On my recent visit, I had the pleasure of being a guest of a guest staying at Le Méridien, a very modern, luxe-y hotel. I love love love contemporary and modern architecture and decor, so I was delighted to behold such charm within such a simple, unassuming exterior.

I took a bunch of photos with my phone. Take a look:

first impression..
a chatting nook in the lobby

This particular location is perfectly situated near the highway and Permieter Mall aaand is smoke-free!

the library..
with REAL books!
lobby lounge
lobby lounge

Some hotel lobbies are super stuffy, boring and lifeless, making you feel like it’s solely a transitional space you must go through to get to and from your room. But Le Méridien’s has so much character and really feels like a lounge or cafe for the cool kids. Not your standard chairs, plastic plants and check-in counter, but a few vignettes to choose from to wait for your taxi, enjoy a bite to eat, watch the game, or just appreciate the artwork and atmosphere.

the carpet [yea I took a picture of the carpet!]
the carpet [yea I took a picture of the carpet!]
book display
book display

For me, it is all about the details. Modern spaces can sometimes feel barren and cold. But with layers of textures and a bold color palette, it’s obvious the designers and decorators went in to make sure such a modern space feels warm and bright and inviting. It’s like you’re going to stay with your incredibly rich relative who has stupendous taste instead of a hotel.

some hot guy at the bar
some lame guy at the lobby bar

Starwood Hotels are known for their more popular branches- like Four Points, Sheraton, W and Westin- but their fly little cousin Le Méridien [which was acquired, not created by Starwood] definitely gave me that cool, young, boutique-y feel I like to get when I’m away from home.

they have quotes in the mirrors, y’all!
I’m a sucker for white bed linens.

[almost] all gray everything
There just may be a Le Méridien in your city [which would make the perfect staycation], or in the town you’re planning to visit.  I’m so glad I was able to take a peek inside and share with you, and I’ll definitely be looking [and hopefully booking] it up when I make my next getaway.

the room key
[your room key]

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