Five Stacks on the Make Up Bag

Every so often, I like to spotlight someone’s work. Their gift or specialty. Whether I know her or him personally, I just like to share their journey and let others know about their specific crafts. You know, to help them and their businesses grow and stuff.

Today I’m sharing the story of a young makeup professional named Sierra who never dreamed she’d be where she is today. I find her to be quite inspirational and very talented. She’s proof that dreams will come true and goals can be accomplished if you put in the time and dedication. The end of her testimony is what tells me that Sierra is doing exactly what she’s supposed to be doing, answering her calling, and being her authentic self. 

Check her out:


I was an active teen so I just had no interest in makeup whatsoever. I think the first time I wore a full face of makeup was my winter dance in 9th grade. My mom did it and I was surprised at how many people complimented the way I looked. So I began to apply light makeup (liner, gloss and light eyeshadow) for special events. I went off to college and wore makeup on a more consistent basis and on occasion would do my roommate’s makeup but I didn’t really count on it going anywhere.

I ended up in Virginia in 2012 and that’s where the idea of being an MUA was first introduced. I have the best support system in my better half and in my ear. All she said every day was “You can do it. Put yourself out there.”

“Keep practicing and watch what happens.”

I listened and planned my first makeup party. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I thought I was doing something then. I went to my local beauty supply store and then to the dollar store and, in total, purchased about $60 worth of makeup. I threw the party and had about ten friends come and get their makeup done. I was so excited because everyone loved their makeup so I was reassured that I could do this! I began watching YouTube videos and practicing daily. I would do my new roommate’s makeup occasionally, but other than that, I still only did mine.




I moved to Georgia in March of 2013 and began my business Makeup By Cee. I began posting my makeup that I would do on myself on Instagram and Facebook. I was getting no real attention but my love for makeup and my supporters compelled me to continue. I received my first “official” client in July and that will forever go down as one of the best days of my life. She was so happy with the way she looked and left an amazing review on my website. I felt so motivated! I began looking into all the behind the scenes things, not the surface part like “how-to’s,” but digging deeeep -like how many shades lighter is appropriate for a highlight color and why? How do you determine where to properly place an arch for the brows? How do you properly apply makeup for the acne-proned? Learning the basics of makeup strengthened me as an artist and I began to see great improvement in my skill. I started advertising my services on a daily basis around late July 2013 and got little response and no clients so it was extremely discouraging.

It was so hard to just keep talking to people and talking and talking and everyone is telling you that you’re good and clients tell you they’re coming and then…

….nobody comes.

I had no clients since that one woman in July and 2013 was coming to an end and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I realized in order to be taken serious, I was going to have to get serious. I had no tact, no professionalism, no website, no prices…nothing.

My next steps were to purchase business cards and create my website, so I did that. Shortly after, I began leaving cards in the cosmetic sections of stores and passing them out in public when I was complimented on my makeup. I still had no real clientele but I did have a few occasional appointments and I was pretty excited about those. That excitement is what kept me going. I kept posting, kept passing out cards, kept talking to people and kept revamping my site to appropriately match how I progressed through my phases. At first, my response was coming from only people that I knew but it still made me feel good to have others love what I did.

So I kept going.

Consistency has been key in my journey.


It has gotten really hard at times to keep going, especially after promoting daily and not having clients for months. Ultimately, I saw the biggest change as I began to revamp my marketing techniques at the suggestion of my better half. I watched my Facebook likes go from the teens into the hundreds. I remember the day my Instagram followers hit 1000. Yes I cried lol. It may seem like nothing to some of you but my struggle was long and hard so I celebrated every success along the way. Now Makeup By Cee is in full swing! I have both a loyal clientele and following and an ever growing prospects. I still pass out cards everywhere I go and, consequently, pick up a lot of clients while I’m out and about. I love what I do so much. On a consistent basis, I have multiple clients weekly still giving amazing reviews. Even though it happens often, I’m still shocked when someone shares my one of my makeup photos. It’s so crazy because I remember the days when no one knew what I did. Now I’m watching my name spread and my talent and passion is in front of people who I don’t even know. That makes me feel like a million bucks.

All I have wanted to do since I started this was show the WORLD what I do ..and it’s happening. Even if I was never paid a dime, it’s the look on her face when she sees what I’ve done in the mirror. That makes everything I’ve gone through worth it. I’m certainly nowhere near finished yet. I have a long way to go but I am grateful for the long way I’ve come.

Instagram: @MakeuIsMyDope


this is her too!
This is her!! [also pictured in the featured image] Skills!

This testimony was self-written by Sierra, her true life story- told by her! [A gray suede first!] Be sure to peep her social media pages, blog and website. And look her up and book her if you’re ever in GA. [P.S. she also does hair!]

Thank you for sharing, Sierra! Best of luck to you!


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