I’m TWO!!

Whoot whooooo!!

For those of you who have followed since day one, you may have realized graysuede turned TWO on summer solstice! {Happy summer, btw!!} I started out just telling friends and old coworkers what I was doing, and now, after two years of dedicating some creative energy and time, I’ve branched out and touched the lives [and closets] of strangers! I may not have many subscribers, but I am thankful for every soul that follows or reads occasionally or has only skimmed one post! It’s a great feeling knowing that my little two cents can make someone think or laugh or learn something new.

So many many thanks, y’all. Really!!

And with time brings change, so I want to start incorporating a little more of my other passions and loves- like music and food as well as just life in general. Fashion will still be the core so don’t worry! I also think I’ve caught a creative wind so I’ll be posting like I used to.

Thanks again for hanging in there with me, old timers! And welcome welcome, new comers!! xo


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