My Summer Soundtrack

I’ve been discovering a lot of new music- well, new to me. I’ve always loved R&B and soul [new and old school], pop, funk and a little disco [thanks to my parents].

But as of late, I have opened up my ears to many many more artists and genres beyond my favorites and go-tos and have found quite a few gems. It’s a bittersweet moment when you eargasm-

like, damn, how come I’m just hearing this amazing song? And where has this artist been all my life?! Then the bitter: why don’t they play this angelic track on the radio? And why was this artist buried under all of this mainstream bs and so hard to find? Grrrr!

Then I calm down and just luxuriate in the fact that I found such audible beauty in my lifetime. And share!


So this summer and every summer and season to follow, The Stuyvesants will be fulfilling my auditory desires. Of course they’re from Brooklyn because Brooklyn seems to be wired to pump out awesome talent after awesome talent. Although they’re simply defined as “instrumental hip hop,” their songs are so funky, sexy, fun and just so feeeel goood. I think anyone that appreciates music will love this dynamic duo with their top down, feel the breeze tracks. The Stuyvesants nod to those good old school classics [also evident in their album covers and short songs], making you wanna bust out your plaid suit and do some Temptations spins and sing to yo lady.


I really really really like these guys and hope to discover more artists like them in my hunt. Feel free to comment with any suggestions [including where to find.]


And you can download all of The Stuyvesants’ albums for free on their website. [I love them all but I think The Finer Things: Vol. 1 might be my fav..] And send them a love note to tell them how awesome they are. [I did.]

Happy listening!!

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