tall girl problems

That's me on the left.
(That’s me on the left.)

I’ve been a giant most of my life, reaching my current height of 5’10” some time in middle school. I remember having to shop in the men’s department for pants that wouldn’t flood. Back then, I didn’t think much of it. But as I came into my own and stopped doing to Aaliyah-esque big pants + baby top look, I wanted the flares and whiskered styles all my friends and classmates wore. I wanted just as many choices but had to look a little harder {and pay more} to find length and  style.

a no-no

Luckily I’ve found an awesome brand of go-to jeans that I love that combines all the things on my shopping list: style, affordability, quality, variety and LENGTH! {p.s. I’m ALL for cropped pants that are created to be short. On everyone. But we all know the difference between on purpose and, well, too damn short!} With all that said, I can really appreciate when a brand or retailer takes the time to recognize us talls as customers. {And loyal customers if you keep us happy! Trust!}

Paris Colored Skinny, $32
Paris Colored Skinny, $32

Just like big girls are as fly and have as many options as the size 4s, we tall chicks need that same kind of love and attention.

We’re in the same boat with pregnant women who don’t want to feel like they’re wearing a bed sheet or grandma’s muumuu every time they get dressed.

We all just want fashion that accommodates our different body types.


I’ve known of Alloy for about half my life and have shopped with them a few times. They have always had some really trendy juniors clothing, including the very necessary long length pants. It’s been awhile since I purchased anything but I did spy a tall shop (aptly named Alloy Tall, just so there’s no confusion) when visiting their site on a swimsuit sale hunt.

Spoon Denim Jumper, $52
Spoon Denim Jumper, $52

Alloy Tall caters to our long legs with longer inseams {up to 39″ 😀 omg}. It celebrates our lengthy torsos with long tops and grounds our bigass feet with extended shoe sizes. And, dang it, they sell maxi dresses that hit the floor!!

Elan Gauze Maxi, $83
Elan Gauze Maxi, $83

I love it!

And, of course, my love and appreciation for it brings me to share this useful information. So if ya don’t know, now ya know!

I’ve been there, talls. I know the frustrations of seeing my ankles in every pair of “long” jeans and making maxi skirts look midi. {Still having an issue finding a one-piece bathing suit that stretches comfortably to my torso, btw. I’m optimistic tho!}  But if you’re in the market for any of the items I’ve mentioned plus some, head on over to Alloy and show them some love.

Happy shopping, fellow talls!!





2 thoughts on “tall girl problems

  1. omg i am tall as well, and it is soooooooooo annoying to try on a pair of pants that fit perfectly and then you look down and they are high water. They put so much energy into petite pants and smaller sizes that they tend to forget that not every female is a size 6 and 4 feet 2 inches.. uggghhhhh


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