Summer Getaway 2014



It’s crazy to hear people say “fall is coming! I can feel it” as I look at my city’s 5-day forecast and there isn’t a day under 95. And with all the bs going on in Africa, the Middle East and right here at home in Missouri, I was beyond ready to get out of my apartment in the desert and onto a California beach. It’s a proven restorative for me. The waves, the hues, the reflections, the breeze, the smell- it all feels especially amazing when your heart is heavy.




Dockweiler {above} is perfect for families and parties with plenty of space for tents and blankets and bonfires. Venice {below} is awesome for people-watching and dining and catching the sunset between the palms.




My diet pretty much goes out the window on vacation. I wanna munch on my must-haves and taste new stuff, and I don’t like restrictions! It’s called holiday for these reasons, I assume.

Roscoe’s is like tradition now. I will be honest and say it’s not about the chicken or the waffles, but the combination of the two, along with their syrup, which is habit-forming.


dotted-lineA new addition to my L.A. must-eat list is coolhaus. I really really really enjoyed this tiny, cool ice cream sandwich parlor. You can customize with unique ice creams and tasty cookie flavors, like almond coconut or snickerdoodles and blueberry with sweet corn ommmg!!


We kinda ordered the same thing for dessert at Gaby’s [aka Med Cafe]..


dotted-line[Du-par’s {traditional family dining}, Coffee Co {a cute cafe with tons of yummy items}, and Bloom {where healthy meets delicious} are all great choices for breakfast and lunch too! I swear all we did was eat.


Not only is the ocean a natural healer, but breaking the monotony that life can sometimes become is essential . I thoroughly enjoyed it. The vacation served its purpose and then some. I was also advised that I need to hurry up and get back to consistently doing what excites and fulfills me. Even when having an awesome time, I’m often reminded that I have one life.

No dress rehearsals.

No do-overs.

This is it!

The same goes for you! So, if you haven’t lately, step out of the cubicle and go somewhere! Anywhere! Traveling heals the soul! And there are millions of beautiful, inspiring places to see. Even if it’s to a place you’re super familiar with, a little time away from the usual will refresh the life you have, or -even better- make you realize your life ain’t all that and push you to take those necessary steps to get closer to the life you desire.


Until next time..

3 thoughts on “Summer Getaway 2014

  1. Yes, I am digging in the crates on your blog. lol I think we would be on the same vibe while vacationing. Just eat a lot of good food and chill on the beach and enjoy the break from the monotony of a routine life sounds perfect to me!

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