2000 Watts

Hey hey hey! Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season has been amazing and memorable. I know mine was!! I had a big birthday [nerdy 30] and was blessed enough to get away and enjoy it with some real ones in my home city of Los Angeles.


Instead of revisiting my favorite go-to eateries this trip, I ventured out to explore some new places [because L.A. has a LOT to choose from]. And I’m really glad I did.


My cousin who grew up and still resides in southern California suggested her friend’s coffee shop in Watts, aptly named Watts Coffee House. This cozy spot is dope! Right up my alley with eclectic decor, Black posters and artwork, good music, great energy, on the ball service and, of course, super delicious cuisine.


Watts Coffee House specializes in southern food [I had cheese eggs, grits and some bombass fried catfish]. All of it was perfectly cooked and tasty. A freshly baked brownie with homemade whipped cream topped of the experience.


Please stop by this gem if you live in or are visiting the L.A. area. It’s super close to Watts Towers if you’re looking for something else tourist-y to do. I suggest you walk the couple of blocks to it after your meal cuz trust, you will be stuffed and satisfied!20141230_143407




To learn more about WCH’s history and outlook, take a read and Google it!!

Address: 1827 East 103rd Street [at Wilmington], Los Angeles, CA 90002

Phone:(323) 249-4343




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