week 2 \\ 2015

Too many times I have ignored my gifts-oppositely working as a restaurant hostess [I’m not that friendly], in retail [worst.shit.ever.in.life.], customer service [I don’t eve like people], caring for other people’s kids [the only kid I like is my nephew], hanging signs and changing mannequins [department stores and their customers are the devil], at a desk for EIGHT HOURS a DAY wtf. Stepping stones I guess?

Instead of following my gut [which is always right, btw], I just went “with the flow.” What does that even mean? Going with the flow? Following the crowd. “Fitting in.” Taking the easy route. Abiding by the “rules.” Basically existing but not living.


But why? You think, act and speak on your path, declare what you want, not sit back and become complacent and super ordinary. Beige. Letting fear of ______ knock us down, swearing that every setback is the exact reason why you can’t or shouldn’t. But those bumps in the road-those hard times-are all there for a purpose. And I have traveled over enough bumps to recognize their purpose. And mine. Trials always put my priorities back in focus.

Instead of straying from the life we were meant to live, why don’t we try doing more of what we enjoy? Nothing is too small. NOT A THING created from the heart is trivial. I believe we’re all creators that lost our way as we added years to our journeys, becoming adults and racking up responsibilities and worries. Instead of being stressed from dead-end, hamster wheel jobs that make us unhappy and uncomfortable and really only help us pay bills and take 14 vacation days a year [who made these standards??] and maybe provide a little health insurance, why don’t we all do MORE of the things that make us smile? 


Whether it be baking, painting, taking pictures, organizing, building a new bike engine, knitting, making travel plans or lesson plans, brainstorming, singing, doodling, dancing [one of my personal favs] or journaling- take time to create some beauty. Because those things that you create are what you were meant to do, even if you can’t make a living out of it [just yet]. They’re personal and unique. No one else can make that thing you love to make exactly the way you can. Why ignore that?

Anyone can be trained to do most jobs today, so don’t stifle your talents just because a little life has caught up with you. Don’t deny yourself those simple, priceless joys because I have very little doubt that you will look back, wonder where the time went and regret regret regret not doing MORE -not creating more- with your one precious life.


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