week 4 \\ 2015

Sooo, two things you most likely know already:

1. Dating kinda sucks;

2. Every ONE isn’t the one.

I’ve been thru my share of hell dates, amazing dates, jokers, heartache, buttholes, stress and doubt, but nothing compares to that omg-omg-bursting-at-the-seams-of-my-entire-being-love that makes kissing a few frogs so worth it. I’ve experienced it so I know it exists ..yet I know and see quite a few couples settling for that lukewarm, I got love for you type of relationship. There’s nothing I can really do as an outsider but reconfirm what I refuse to ever do with my one heart, with my time. With my one life. And why should I settle? Why should anyone?

Because it’s comfortable?

Because you believe this is as good as it gets?

Because you’re not getting any younger?

In my eyes, these reasons are no reason to give all your precious time away. Of course, learn what you want and don’t, have fun and meet new people, but don’t just list all the great things about the other person without considering your long-term happiness. He or she may look great on paper with a heap of admirable qualities, you two may get along great. But times of adversity will test your heart, your loyalty. And if you’re not completely in [thru the good, bad and uuuugly], it’ll show. So why not wait for that someone who will make you want to stay? Who makes your eyes water at the thought of living your life without them? That special someone you can’t stay mad at?


There’s nothing wrong with settling down.. just don’t settle.


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