week 5 \\ 2015

February already y’all! Have you kept up with your new year, new you bs?? No? Me either haha. But really, I realized some changes needed to be made long before 01 Jan 2015, so I made them. Or, at the very least, put them in my mind daily. I’ve learned so many things in my short life and one is that you have to create what you want. Not everyone gets a handout or an easy path. The steps aren’t always easy to follow, or find for that matter. Even if it’s time consuming or difficult or no one is encouraging you or patting you on the back, create the life you want through your actions.

Do it for you.

Be your own audience!

Not everyone deserves to know all of your amazing dreams and endeavors. And a lot of folks won’t understand or acknowledge your trials and triumphs.

I know when I accomplish things I have in my mind to accomplish, it’s like a quiet conquer. The clouds clear and the sun shines. And those are kinda the best wins you can have, especially in this world we live in where shells of humans are applauded for being hot and popular and having meaningless, material things.

So do you. Authentic you. Always.

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