week 6 \\ 2015

This week ends with the worst “holiday” ever created in life ever.

Valentine’s Day. 😐


Ugh it just irks me! It’s funny because, as a kid, I used to really enjoy it. I got lots of cards from classmates and friends, plush toys, candy and other sweets. But as an adult, I see it for the crock it is! Just another reason for us to needlessly spend spend spend. [BTW, I saw Valentine’s candy for sale the day after Christmas! The. Day. After. Christmas! C’mon!!]

And for what? To prove that you really love your mate? To show everyone how much you care?

This should be shown all the time. And it shouldn’t be a show.


And please don’t think I’m bitter. [I’m a hopeful yet very realistic romantic.] Even when I had a boyfriend on V-day, I’d make it crystal clear gifts and dinner were optional. [And it’s rough trying to get a table or even reservations on this grim evening.] Take me out on February 13th or scoop me up some of that discount candy on February 15th. Whaaaaatt??! Now that’s love!

And if we’re celebrating l o v e, why is it reserved for couples? Sure I see dads out with their daughters or maybe a single mom being pampered by her adult son, but, in general, it’s about two people in love. Romantic love. Why can’t we glorify all kinds of love for people in romantic relationships and singles alike? And/Or love for art or food or travel or nature?vday-fanpop

Instead of spending money on dinner or chocolate or a man-sized stuffed bear, spend some quality time with love ones. That’s what I’ll be doing! And that’s the best gift [on any day]. And don’t wait for a day marked on the calendar to do something special, because-duh-eeeeverybuddy else is doing the exact. Same. Shit.

Be authentic. Be spontaneous.

Whether or not you partake in canned Valentine’s Day traditions, enjoy your week and don’t be mad if you don’t get any gifts this v-day. You’re special everyday and don’t think your Valentine’s Day celebration [or lack thereof] is a measurement of your worth or the amount of love in your relationship. And if it is, you have much bigger problemos.


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