week 7 // 2015

true story:

So I had a recent conversation with an old sister friend. She’s super intelligent, ambitious, educated, funny as hell and beeeeeautiful. She enjoys a little debate, will definitely challenge you if she doesn’t understand your pov. And she’s not crazy, at least not in a bad way. Very cultured and strong and independent and outspoken. Sounds like a babe, right?

What broke my heart when conversing with this lovely gem was that, although she is aware of all of her aforementioned attributes, she feels the need to “tone herself down” to date! As a collegue, I find her extremely refreshing-giving me straight up [no chaser] feedback instead of what she thinks I may want to hear. The problem is men looking at her like she is a problem instead of a goddess. She’ll get approached or even asked out.. but then when she gives an opposing opinion or a reality check, he’s outta there 😦

Liiike there shouldn’t be a brain behind that pretty face? My qualm is that wonderful ladies are continuously being overlooked because of these amazing qualities instead of coveted. My bigger qualm is these same women are dumbing themselves down to appease a boy. And I feel her frustration because I’ve come across some total dweebs [of all ages] with this mentality. The just-shut-up-and-be-pretty-or-even-just-average-looking-and-submissive-and-don’t-question-me mentality.

But what’s really going on here? Why are men so afraid of a little challenge these days? When did they become so lazy? Why is this “fear” so common?


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