rantchic.com’s 24 things women should stop wearing after 30


I’m only sharing cuz I thought this ish was funny. Especially the comments! Here’s my take on their bs stop wearing after 30 list:

24. graphic tees What? Why??! I could see if it had a One Direction logo or Justin Bieber on it…

23. bedazzled anything I agree 1000%.

22. blue eyeshadow The author actually said no to ALL eyeshadows! wtf??! I happen to love a smokey blue eye.

21. Vicky’s Secret PINK Yes, please. I hate it so much! Make it buuuuurrrrnnnnn!!!!!!!!

20. leopard print Soo so so baffled by this one. I own a leopard print dress, a leopard print onesie.. in fact, I’m on the hunt for a leopard print clutch.

19. sparkly pants Agreed. Unless you are six years old or a stage performer, sparkly pants are a problem for me, too- whether it be sequins or glitter, that trash bag material or whatever.

18. oversized sunglasses Four out of five pairs of my sunglasses are oversized though..


Plus, what if you have a bigass head or a large face? I think it’d look bigger with small frames.

17. miss-matched socks If no one can see them, what’s the problem? Socks like to mysteriously disappear.. one.. by.. one..

16. hoop earrings I feel just the opposite: hoops are a classic earring style than women of any age can rock.

15. furry boots Agreed.

14. furry anything Disagreed. I still want a luxurious, faux fur coat.

Julia Sarr Jamois in faux fur
Julia Sarr Jamois in faux fur

13. tube tops eh, maybe if you got some double Ds! I like tube tops but I do think they look best on smaller chests, especially if you’re not wearing a bra.

12. short dresses W T F ……….. Short dresses are hot in the appropriate setting. Just don’t have your stuff hanging out, do the sit test and wear your size.

11. mini skirts The photo the site chose was pretty disturbing so I agree that no one should wear a skirt that short. But a nice short, body-con skirt is hot, even for women in their 40s and 50s!

10. overalls Really?

Two words:


Peep game. They’re back in style! You just have to know how to pull a look together with them. I would probably rock them on the beach as a cover up or super cas with some sandals and a beater, but they can look chic with some pumps. {P.S. I wish I’d bought some before my no-shopping rehab detox thing 😦 }

9. crop tops Again, please use discretion. I don’t wanna see anyone’s bare middle from below the belly button up to the under bust. Having the entire midsection out anywhere except the pool or beach is just not my thing, but there are some really hot, age appropriate, stylish crop tops for us thirty plusers.

pinksole did it right!
pinksole did it right!

8. American Eagle I can’t really comment on this one..

7. booty shorts I agree that your cheeks should never be hanging out. I do love me some casual fit short shorts though 🙂


Like these! With a graphic tee! hahahaha!!

6. old sneakers This one really depends. The dirty loved look is really only ok for Vans and Chucks. And old, dirty white sneakers are always a no.

5. cheap bras You should never wear a cheap bra actually. You’re doing the girls and your comfort a disservice.

4. glitter eyeshadow Again, it depends.sparklydow

I think this is lovely for a special occasion, but we all know certain folks that take things overboard.

3. platform flip-flops Spot on with this one. Don’t know why they ever existed.

2. Abercrombie & Fitch Never got into this brand either, not even when I saw it at Ross.

1. scrunchies Call me a hippie but I kiiiinda liiiike scrunchiiies.


I’m guessing the original author is a 92 year-old great grandmother? I only agreed with six items on the no-no list, so there is no way this woman {or man} is hip to what’s in on the fashion front. Styles cycle in and out so we’re bound to see some looks repeat in our lifetime and we shouldn’t feel out of the loop just because we’re not “college-aged” anymore.


I hope you found the list {and comments if you checked out rant chic} as chuckle-worthy as I did. And just continue to celebrate every year of life and experiment and have fun with whatever you wear.


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