week 14 \\ 2015

Are you obsessed with likes or subscribers or retweets or followers or double taps?

I’m not gonna lie, I kinda was for a hot hot hot minute. And from people that don’t even really know ME or the greatness I’m capable of? Psshh!gtfoh

I had to step back and reevaluate the shit.. I was like, man, what does this even mean?? Really, what does it DO for my ego, my chi, my well-being? What value do these numbers have?

Of course we all wanna be loved and accepted and patted on the back and recognized for our contributions to the world- big or small. But social media is not the sole avenue to get that love. It’s a great place to share and interact and learn if you connect with like minds. But if you’re scrolling through waiting on more people to like or comment on a piece of your soul you just exposed, there needs to be some unplugging and serious recharging in your actual life outside of the smartphone screen.

Just sayin, don’t let it consume you or be the scale on which you measure your awesomeness. It’s your real-life awesomeness that matters.

2 thoughts on “week 14 \\ 2015

  1. awwwwwwwwwwww mannnnnnnnn girl i thought this way for a quick second too….you get a little caught up until you catch yourself and ur like: “wait why am i doing this?’ lol


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