I enjoy using my tiny little platform to speak my truths so..

I think it’s super cool being Black. I mean it is stellar. Never have I ever wanted to be anything different- was never even a thought! But these days, progressively more and more, it is scary as shit.

I understand that not all white cops are bad. Not all white people feel threatened by us. Not all of them are racists. Not all of them were bullied as kids and, in turn, took a career that gave them a position of authority, authority that they disgustingly abuse. I just wish they would use more of that extensive police training and actually run after suspects [or, in too many of these cases, unarmed non-suspects], buck up in some hand-to-hand combat, or shoot out some car tires instead of taking the cowardly route- beating, choking, firing off rounds and killing US.

And for what? Being a little mouthy. Getting scared and running away. Wearing a hood. Calling the police.

It feels like our increasing body count-whether done by cops, Black on Black or whoever- is swept under the rug and no one is taking blame for the massacre. Even when compliant, we’re unequally profiled because of our melanin. Oh, and I know we look it, but we’re not superhuman. I mean we are amazingly resilient, beautiful kings and queens, but a bullet or brutal beating or taser or nightstick harms us just the same as any human. We don’t need anymore Black bodies in body bags to prove that.


Thanks for reading.

Be smart. Be vigilant. Be blessed ❤


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