just 3 days without sugar

So since we moved to the dirty dirty, my fam has been going kinda hard with the abundance of delicious food choices Atlanta and the surrounding has to offer. Since I’ve lived here before, I knew what was up, but they have had a definite influence now that they’re here with me.

Anywho, instead of just being some lazy fatties, we have become much more active and still enjoy preparing most of our meals at home. But my sis proposed a 10 day parasite cleanse [that she found on the Twitter] since she wants to get her skin “in order” and rid the body of the toxins eating processed meats and refined sugars can put in our bodies. Pluuuus she thinks I have a sugar addition. What??! I kinda do love my sweets! But I wouldn’t say I’m an addict. She just caught me on a bad week when I was having my ladyproblem and wanted Starbucks e v e r y d a y.


But, without a smile, I said ok. No problem! Let’s do it.

To prove to myself that I could do it plus give my digestive system a little break. The cleanse is ten days total: first three days no/low sugar[including high-sugar fruits like bananas or apples 😦 ] and no dairy; and no meat for all 10 days. [FYI, we did indulge in fruits and veggies with less than like 3g of sugar, like cucumbers, zucchini and spinach. We’re not trying to die.] The no meat thing is not an issue for me, though, cuz I’m part pescetarian anyway hehe, but I did have a headache[a normal side effect] most of the first day from sugar withdrawal, I’m sure. I mean think about how much sugar we all consume: from a lil honey in your tea to a slice of toast to salad dressing. Even in my dang almond milk, fructose is ever-present.

The second day was actually a breeze. No headaches and I actually felt satisfied after my meals.

And the third day… did I even daydream of a pancake or a handful of grapes or some bomb Talenti gelato?? Heeeeeeeeellll yes, but I do think it is helpful [and necessary] for me to periodically cleanse in a way my body can handle. It forces resistance and creativity which drives you to whip up some unique dishes you wouldn’t necessarily try to make if sugar and meat were still on the menu. And, my best advice if you want to go for it?: Buy substitutions for your go-to snacks and meals that you actually enjoy and I promise it won’t be so bad.

And once you do get that first sugary morsel after a few days, oh how sweet it is!!

ice creamII

2 thoughts on “just 3 days without sugar

  1. so proud that you stuck it out…will power is a hard thing when ur a foodie…lol…i am actually starting a 2 day cleanse on thursday, so i am gonna be fat on Wednesday and get some chipotle…heheh

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