week 15 \\ 2015

So, with the help of my wise cousin Candace, I discovered Stevi. She’s a blogger after my own heart, y’all. I swear. She is a wonderfully refreshing writer, perfectly blending humor, eloquence and candor. Super smart as well. I binged read a handful of her posts and asked permission to share this piece in particular:

Don’t Get Your Word Vomit On My Shoes.


People who know me, know that I’m opinionated. I usually have a viewpoint. I believe that dialogue is such an important part of human progression. Different viewpoints, opinions, and principles shape how people view the world. That makes it so hard for me to tell people to SHUT UP sometimes. We all know that this is the era that celebrates the critic, not the creator. People feel that their social media accounts gives them license to throw negativity, hatred, and nastiness out into the social realm. This heightened sense of empowerment makes for a cesspool of  “shade”. We sit back, watch people’s lives, and critique.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s valuable to have self control and discernment. We all need editing skills. There is never a need to call a girl a “THOT” or make fun of someone in a moment of humiliation. We don’t have to comment on everything that everyone does. It’s obnoxious. And honestly, it’s extremely vain to think that every thought that seeps out of our mouths is pure gold. When it comes to celebrities, it’s the absolute worst. I was guilty of this too- weighing in on stardom. Then I realized how these people live their lives under a microscope. We’ve all made mistakes because we’re human. The only difference between them and us… is fame. But at the end of the day, isn’t it pathetic to be obsessed with people who don’t even know your name? Who don’t even think about you?

A lot of the time, when we’re on Twitter or Instagram, we feel like we’re in a bubble. It can feel like a secluded space and we think that what we say won’t go far. However, all it takes is a couple of retweets and reblogs …and a trend starts. We have to stop exerting our opinion recklessly while being oblivious to the repercussions. But like I said, dialogue is necessary. While we have the power to influence trends, it’s important to acknowledge that celebrities shape culture. They create normalcy. It’s your human right to have an opinion and advocate for what you feel is right or wrong in the world. However, consider if trolling on the internet is contributing to the betterment of mankind.

Thank for this, Stevi. I totally agree. I think the more positivity we spread-or at least try to- the better the world will be. And getting your unwarranted opinion or skewed viewpoint across [especially online] isn’t going to change the world for better. We have enough critics and naysayers.

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