week 16 \\ 2015

What a trying week I had.

You know how people say that ‘it could always be worse’ or ‘at least you have your health’? Well.. yea, those things are true yet I can’t help but question what the bleep is going on.

Why am I being tested?

What are these trials here to teach or show me?

The answers aren’t usually blatant or quick. And as a daydreamer and night thinker, I’ve exhausted myself creating the possible reasons for all the uncomfortable twists and turns this last week pulled. I mean it was like a snowball effect of mini soap opera style tragedies.

But in the end, I win. I win because I don’t have enough fingers to tick off all the wonderful things in my life. I win because I recognize that the struggles make the triumphs way sweeter. And I win because I’m still here, still chuggin.

BTW, have you seen the documentary ‘Happy‘? No? It’s on Netflix and a pretty good watch, especially if you’re feeling washed up and inadequate or just need to be brought back down to earth.

{speaking of earth, happy Earth Day!! Watch watch WATCH COWSPIRACY today for $1}

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