12 Solid Reasons Why Life is Better in Your 30s

I just kinda love articles like this. They’re fun reads. And even though they’re not to be taken seriously and no one is giving lectures on them, they hold some truth. I mean people who did nothing they wanted to with their life always say dumb shit like ‘oh to be young and dumb again’ with a longing sigh and faraway look. Or say they wish they could be 21.


21 wasn’t that great to me. I think as life goes on, it gets better. Like wine.20s

12 Solid Reasons Why Life is Better in Your 30s

1. You get more respect. I beg to differ. Maybe cuz I’m just 30, not 30 something? I still have people thinking I’m in my early 20s and treat me as such. Even when I tell them my age, some don’t believe it and say things like “you don’t know nothin bout this, youngin’.” :\ Mad annoying yo.

2. You have better stuff. I agree that my taste has gotten much better. I wish I had a better car, man, but she’s still getting me where I need to go. And I’m closer than ever to my dream job.

3. You never have to go back to your 20s. Thank gaaawd! I had some serious trials in my 20s. I learned SO much about myself, which is a beautiful thing, but there are a number of things that, if I could, I would undo.

4. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. This is spot on. ‘No’ is a sufficient answer. Most people don’t deserve an explanation, nor do I longer feel obligated to give one 🙂

5. Your kids are out of diapers and off to school. uhhhmmmmm..whet? Hold ya horses, Redbook. Some of us are late baby bloomers.

6. You know what you want and won’t settle for anything less. This is very true. In all aspects of life-from work to a romantic partner-what kind of life are you living if you’re settling for less than what makes you super happy?

7. You get to buy real furniture. I bought real furniture in my mid-20s and I still have it! Is there a such thing as “fake” furniture??

8. You go to bed at 10p.m. hahahaahhahahaaha yea right! Unless I’m sick or have super early obligations in the a.m, this very rarely happens. Maybe it’s the artist in me that will not be forced to sleep, but if I’m in bed at 10, I’m reading or surfing or watching hulu.


9. You judge less, criticize less, argue less and stress less. For me it’s true. Another reason why I got rid of Facebook: it was junk mail for my mind. Unless it’s a true loved one, I don’t dwell on other’s issues. I don’t sweat the small stuff. And I find myself empathizing much more instead of criticizing.

10. You’re more concerned about your health. I’ve always been concerned about my health. Any little change or discomfort and I think I’m dying.

11. You learn to appreciate life’s quiet moments. I’ve almost always been somewhat of an introvert so this isn’t new for me. So many things are thrown your way all day that it’s nice to sit alone and enjoy the quiet. I’m sure this is especially true for those with kids.

12. You are lucky you get to age. I’ve mentioned this before: getting old is a luxury. With our brothers getting killed everyday and folks dying of cancers and other diseases earlier and earlier, every birthday is a gift.


So, my 30 somethings and older, do you agree with Redbook’s list?

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