week 18 \\ 2015 : the dress code

Maybe I’m getting old? Possibly people have just become increasingly careless? Maybe both. My eyes see just way too many pajamas and butt cracks in public. And these people are having kids and teaching their kids not to care either.

Why though?? I’m so confused. And kinda annoyed.

non smiley

One of the reasons why I love the show Mad Men so much is because of the fashion. I mean back then even the housewives dressed up to sit in the house. God forbid a neighbor popped over and you’re in sweats burping your newborn! {Were sweats even a thing back then?} People made it a point to almost always look their best, and if they were caught outdoors wearing an old t-shirt and flannel pants, you better believe it was an emergency/they’d lost it.

Was this a bit excessive? Heck yes. But at least they were never underdressed, right? And regardless of how messed up their life was, the presentation was always pleasant, not sloppy. What you wear is a statement, despite the statement you think you’re not making when you roll out of bed and right out the door.


Wear a bra.

Make sure your tracks aren’t showing.

Iron your shirt.

Wear a belt.

Stains are bad.

All I’m saying is taking a little more time to put together a look says you care. IMO, looking nice is a form of self-love, just like eating right or bathing regularly. {And when you step outside in pjs, it’s safe to assume you haven’t bathed.}tf2

Anyway, I don’t need to see tailored suits {though it is MAD sexy!} or pleated skirts and perfectly coiffed hair but I just ask that people grow up, pull up their pants, wear their size and put a little effort into their looks. Just a little.

Please. Thanks 🙂

{rant over}

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