week 20 \\ 2015

I know body shaming is nothing new to this country, but there’s this crazy commercial that’s kinda seriously haunting me! And I have seen it several times. Late at night. When they know single women are up. Alone. Snacking. Watching Snapped and contemplating the meaning of life..

Suuuuper wack, right?? Like beyond.

I have no problem with the product’s purpose, but the verbiage in this shit is just mad unnecessary:

One, they say “perfect body” too many times. Our different sizes and shapes are what makes us perfect. And nowadays, there is an array of clothing to fit all of our lovely body types.

And two, wtf does “hide your boring baby body” mean??!? Excuse a woman for carrying LIFE! She’s gone through months of gestation, discomfort, crazy hormones, weight gain/loss, labor. Then this amazing life-giving goddess pops out a new little person who depends on her, so I’m pretty sure looking all super slim and fine is the last thing on her mind.

bikini bod

I’m all for a woman feeling more confident in what she wears, but there’s no need to dis non-hourglass shapes to get your point across. But hey, telling women they are beautiful just as they are doesn’t sell. Whether you have an athletic build, square, round, long, skinny mini, hourglass, top-heavy or whatever-just accept who you are. Love yourself, have fun, eat better, exercise, have confidence and wear what makes YOU feel good. And think positive thoughts. That’s the perfect body to me. End rant.

4 thoughts on “week 20 \\ 2015

    1. Very much so! When all you see is size 2 in every magazine, tv ad or catalog, insecurities will creep up and make you think that’s how every woman’s body should look. UNTRUE!!

      Thank you for reading. xo


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