awwww jheeeeaaaaaa

Y’aaaaall, this is my new favorite music video {the song goes kinda tough too}, so you know I had to share!  And that’s saying a lot cuz they can be so boring these days! And, sure, maybe I’m a lil picky cuz I like a good visual to go along with a good song. Or at least have a cool video to compensate for wackness, right?

Just mundane. Not too much is coming off as authentic or original these days. same lyrics-same concept-same sound-different, yet weak, “artist”

Boooooo! And I’m not paying $9405.96 a month to watch MTV2 and Fuse to see “new” videos [which would be extra lame cuz they repeat the same 12 all day anyway], so luckily this was on the youtube homepage:

I used to go so hard for The Neptunes in their prime! They can do no wrong in my ears. They make magic. And although he has a recognizable, signature sound, Pharrell is such a dynamic magician/beast.

ca roll4

And Uncle Snoop is a living legend. He’s crazy but he’s awesome, and-IMO-has always made rap fun. Makes me happy to be a Cali girl, even tho we’re kinda suckin right now with the whole drought and overcrowded prisons thing. And don’t get me started on Stevie. He’s amazing on so many levels and a joy to see still touring and making music {and babies!}! haha I see you, S-dub!! 😛

ca roll

So, let’s see: No twerking, no materialism, no criminals, no violence, no hookers, nor Cristal showers 🙂 {Seee, I don’t ask for much.} It’s not my favorite ever, but it’s different and refreshing. {The visuals for “Fire We Make” by Alicia Keys + Maxwell, Janet + Joni Mitchell + Q Tip’s “Got Til It’s Gone” and anything that involves OutKast or Missy Elliott are a few of my favs, so you kinda get my aesthetic. Class > ass. And no corniness.} Just a lovely, timely collaboration. Love the whole vintage, futuristic, Egyptian kings vibe, too. Kudos to the creative director[s] and the ageless Pharrell in those princely robes!

More, please!! ❤

Do y'all have it? I heard it was dope hehe
Do y’all have it? I heard it was dope hehe

4 thoughts on “awwww jheeeeaaaaaa

  1. I knew Snoop when I was a kid. He lived down the street from my cousin. He was always a pretty cool laid back guy. Do I win any cool points for that?lol

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    1. Hell yea you do. He seems like a cool guy. My mom’s old high school friend lived down the street from his mom in Rancho. Small world it is!


      1. Oh really?? That’s cool! I’ve been to Rancho. I used to play basketball with Snoop at the park. He used to battle rap against other guys. Those were good times.
        Snoop went to Poly High in Long Beach. I remember going to the football games after school. I remember seeing Cameron Diaz at the games as a cheerleader. I also knew actress Tiffani Amber Theissen. She went to my junior high school. I guess you could say I knew quite a few


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