week 21 \\ 2015: only boring people get bored

I really don’t understand adults saying that they’re bored. I mean, c’mon, they have complete control over their days-yet boredom always creeps up and bites them. I feel like boredom is for four-year-olds[and under] stuck in church, not adults who can buy stuff and go places and read good without having to ask for help or permission.yawn

There are occasions when one might feel bored in a place they are obligated to be[work, work meetings or work parties], surrounded by lames[co-workers] with zero ability to converse on a subsurface level, yet don’t wanna look like complete butt cheeks by being antisocial/on their cellie the entire time. [Do people still call them cellies? Or just me??] That I understand. But that’s it! No other excuses. Not one.

Point of my mini rant is there is no way you or anyone else has read all the books in the world, read every post on gray suede :), seen every corner of every city, eaten at all the restaurants that sound tasty, heard every great song, dipped a toe in every body of water, perused every library or art gallery, tried everything they want to try or knows everything they want to know. It’s impossible. So get. It. In while there’s still time, as much as possible, cuz you never know when it’ll be your time.

2 thoughts on “week 21 \\ 2015: only boring people get bored

  1. Good post. I rarely get bored. I’m usually too busy doing something. I go exercise,read a book or just having lunch with friends. People need to find things to keep them busy. There’s always something that a person can do. I don’t understand boredom either.

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