drugstore beauty: summer edition

I live in the dirty dirty and you know it gets super sticky, so my “beauty” regimen has adapted accordingly from winter to summer, southwest desert to.. um.. tropic thunder? Anyway, here’s my current hair to toe lineup:

c r o w n


Coconut oil, my loyal best friend, transcends the seasons. I like to mix a little with my daily moisturizing spray. The combination is hydrating, smelly good and doesn’t get all gross when it’s humid {which is like everyday}.

beautyWhen I first returned natural, Carol’s Daughter was one of the first brands I tried and liked, and I’m getting back into it because it’s available at my local Target instead of just Macy’s and online. I suggest giving it a go if you have thick and/or natural hair and need a light, daily moisturizer. Plus it’s a Black-owned brand and smells aahhhmazing!

f a c e + b o d y

beauty7Y’all already  know I love Burt’s Bees and their latest vanilla bean stick is my new fav! {The mango butter is now a close runner up.} It’s provides great hydration throughout the seasons.

beauty4Oyin Handmade’s Honey Water is my new beloved. It is just perfect for these sticky southern summers and is only available in summer and spring. It’s built with with glycerin instead of oil, so it hydrates without that greasy gooey feeling that comes with humidity. Oyin is also Black-owned, created with love and made in Baltimore! Triple whoop!

beauty5And when my face, hands or feet need a lil extra moisture, I blend the Honey Water [the Honey and Rich Almond scents are super delightful, btw] with some coconut oil or just use the light, yet effective, Yes to Carrots lotion.

beauty3And, although it’s not exclusive to summer usage {albeit, some of us do allow ourselves to become a little wooly during winter}, my other favorite new thing is eos shave cream.

I’ll admit that I bought this at random, just shopping for a non-rusting bottle. But I was impressed with the label; it is made with butters and vitamins {hence the word cream instead of gel}, so you can shave wet or dry. {Plus aren’t all those other brands kinda scary with the wtf is this shit ingredients and contents under pressure/don’t let it get too hot warning labels??! Eek!} I got the vanilla bliss scent. {Can y’all tell I like vanilla? And Target?}


Everything I’ve mentioned [except the Honey Water and the pictured brand of coconut oil] is available at Target and/or target.com! I know some beauty bloggers write about products from specialty stores and department store counters that a lot of us regular folk just can’t afford to try. Nothing wrong with that, but are you trying to spend a ton on something you don’t even know if you’ll love? I also feel that it’s important to be just as conscious to what you put on to your body as what you put in it, as it all gets ingested one way or another.

If you have skin or hair, these are a few things that simply work so well for me that I had to share. You’re welcome 🙂 But if you test them out and they don’t work, send them to me! haha

As always, thanks for reading + subscribing!! ❤

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