blackmendream“The work I make reaffirms the humanity of Black males that has consistently been denied. I aim to dismantle the conceptions that are leading Black males to their physical and emotional deaths.” –Shikeith Cathey on #blackmendream

I’m a little late, but when I come across something that makes me want to shout about it from the rooftops, I have to share. I feel it’s my duty to share.

When, not IF, you have 45mins to spare, heed the beautiful short film #blackmendream. It’s poignant. And raw.

“The truth is, Black males are often denied at childhood the opportunity to be their authentic selves.”

You can tell by the sincere responses of the film’s participants how damn heavy it is to just be yourself daily. To. Just. Be. Not gonna lie, it kinda left me speechless [in a good way]. I just felt it, if you know what I mean. I related to it and it moved me like very few films do. I’m grateful #blackmendream exists and so glad I watched. Thank you, Shikeith.

We need more art like this.

We need more conversations like this.

We need more honesty.

We need to increase our self-love.

We need to better the love we show our children.

We need to open our minds.

We need to bear and express {more} compassion.

ralph ellison

the creator: – instagram @shikeith

insightful article by Darnell L. Moore on the artist

photo cred: shikeith


Please let me know if you’ve seen it! I’d love to read your thoughts.

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