week 23 \\ 2015

So I know I have like maybe three male subscribers? Hi! I’m sure you all are upstanding citizens who treat young ladies with respect and courtesy. This post isn’t for you, but maybe your lame cousin? Or friend? Pastor? Or co-worker? Maybe even your dad. [Yes, it transcends age groups, level of responsibilites and social statuses.] I just feel it’s way past due for men to check other men for not being men.

I cannot do it alone, this checking of men, but I’ve compiled a shortlist of things to NOT do when trying to pick up decent women:

1. Do not yell/hoot/holler at her as she walks while you ride in a car. Or at all, really. Do I have to tell you that this is SO rude? And can be quite startling. Also, she’s probably not a prostitute.. soo… Instead, pull over where it’s safe for you to get out and approach her.

2. Don’t stare at any other part of her body while speaking to her. She has a face. With eyes. Look into her eyes! Sure, everyone loves nice boobs or legs or a pretty smile, but save those smoldering stares for that third base date, homie. Don’t ruin the first impression by panting like a dog in heat.

3. Don’t be nasty. Saying things like ‘can I take you home with me?’,’you sexy as $#%!’ or ‘I saw money when I saw you’ [whatever that means!] is not going to impress a decent woman!

4. Don’t call her out of her name. Unless you know her as Angel, Gorgeous, Sexy or Sweetie from a previous encounter, save the pet names for when you actually scoop her.

5. Please don’t ask why she’s single. This is not the best way to start a conversation. Ever. And it’s almost accusatory, from my experience, like something is wrong with it. Wait til the first phone conversation or date to inquire why her last relationship ended or what her troubles have been with finding a suitable partner.

6. Don’t tell a woman that she looks _____ years younger. Sure, most women will love to hear such a compliment. But if she’s, say, 38 and you’re 45 and you’re telling her she looks 21, we have a problem! A would-be compliment transformed you into a complete creepster! I mean if I look like I just gained the right to legally buy a beer, why would your old ass be trying to talk to me??!?

7. Do not give her your number. I dunno who started this shit but it’s gotta go! Unless she approached you, why would you do this? Seriously. I need answers. And even worse, do not give her your business card [unless, of course, you’re looking for a business relationship.] Be a man, man. Take her number, call her the next day. Set a date. Follow thru. It’s that simple. really

All that I ask is that guys stop being so weird. And gross. And lazy. It’s not cute. I feel like y’all know me so you have to know that I’m not a man basher. I’m far from bitter. Aaaand my problem is not solely with the male population! This crap has clearly worked on some young-minded women, giggling and sniggling while they should be running the other way! I promise you, ladies, if we step it up, men have no other choice but to follow suit!

Cheers to summer love!

2 thoughts on “week 23 \\ 2015

  1. Great post, might have to show a cousin or two 🙂 you know I was thinking that perhaps its what we see. How many times I’ve heard or seen the nice guy losing out. But we all must respect each other. If it doesn’t start there, how could you ever think that what ever you have will last. One of my good friends always use to say what you start with is what you end with. So yes first impressions do matter.


    1. Completely agree. Do you really want a woman who gives a positive response to nonsense and disrespect? I don’t know a good man or woman that does.

      And please share with your cousins! ❤

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