week 24 \\ 2015

Sometimes this world can be a funny place. It’s mostly people that make it funny. They tell you they are there for you. They make empty promises. They smile and laugh with you. They ‘encourage’ you. They say “I’m on your team.”

But then when cah cah hits the fan or you have a rough patch and these ‘funny’ people are nowhere to be found, an insecure, naive spirit can be dumbfounded.

All I’m saying is, there are very few people that actually got you. There’s a pint sized amount of unconditional love that everyone, if they are lucky, will experience in their lifetime.

So just make sure that you don’t take this shit personal. I promise you it is a reflection of the person and not a flaw in your own character. Keep these undependable, self-serving, face value types far far away from your good heart and energy.

2 thoughts on “week 24 \\ 2015

  1. Very true, and something I constantly struggle with, identifying the people that say x, y, and z. And show you ever letter not included in the alphabet. Good food for thought here. Sad as it may be.

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